Broken PlayPumps – merry-go-rounds meant to pump water – photographed at various locations in Chikhwawa, Thyolo, and Balaka Districts, Malawi.

Broken PlayPumps – merry-go-rounds meant to pump water – photographed at various locations in Chikhwawa, Thyolo, and Balaka Districts, Malawi.


Peter DiCampo is a photographer, writer, and editor whose work dissects the documentary practice, perceptions of the African continent, and the long-lasting impact of foreign aid. He is a cofounder of the acclaimed Everyday Africa project and its resultant nonprofit, The Everyday Projects.


Everyday Africa

Everyday Africa is a collective Instagram feed of photographers sharing daily-life images across the continent in an effort to transcend stereotypes and present a more accurate depiction of normal life. Our emphasis on localized, social media storytelling has been the disruptive force necessary to provide greater context to coverage of Africa and propel more African photojournalists to the center stage. 

A cofounder of Everyday Africa and a contributing photographer,  I have also taken on the roles of writer, coeditor of our book, exhibition curator, curriculum designer, teacher, and (once) even actor.

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+ Everyday Africa – 30 Photographers Re-Picturing a Continent book published by Kehrer


The Everyday Projects

The Everyday Projects uses photography to challenge stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. As a nonprofit, we combat systemic misrepresentation through our educational programming and by providing structure, support, exposure, and direction for the diverse and worldwide range of @Everyday photography groups — through professional development, community-building, and the promotion of new work.

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What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong? is a citizen journalism project mapping failed, unfinished, or broken aid projects across Africa. I began documenting failed foreign aid projects in 2013, starting with my own: an incomplete latrine project from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Ghana.

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Wantugu Over Time

I lived in Wantugu, Ghana from 2006 to 2008, and I've been fortunate to return many times since. I've photographed a large segment of each of my major projects there, which makes me wonder: I feel a deep connection to this place and treasure my friendships there, but have I also treated it as a stage, a live theater I use for illustration in the name of issue-based reporting? Sometimes I fear that – to riff on the famous quote – if Africa did not exist, we would invent it.

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Life Without Lights

From 2007 to 2012, I photographed the lack of access to electricity in parts of Ghana, Iraq, Ivory Coast, the UK, and the USA. Energy poverty is a critical piece in the mosaic of issues contributing to poverty, and often the one that is least addressed. 

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